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Aesthetics is a booming industry; everyone wants to enhance their beauty and look more appealing.  Every year this industry is growing by 30% and is showing promises of being a billion-dollar industry.

 India is one of the most populous countries in the world. Boasting a huge youth population, India is being targeted by Aesthetics and cosmetic companies because of the promises and profits it delivers.

  • Topical Lipolytic Creams
  • Endemorlogie
  • Infrared Rays

It’s been found that India’s education system in the field of cosmetology is lacking quality training and skill development. Dr. arvinder Singh, CEO of the Arth Group and IAMCL, dreamt to bring the best international standards to Indian students and has bought the same.

IAMCL is registered as per the norms of the Government of India. It is also  India’s only internationally accredited center from two countries- the USA and The UK, moreover it is also recognized under the Central Government National Skill Development Accredited Program by Vocational training institute- Educational Board of Vocational Training.

Choosing IAMCL gives you the chance to shine nationally and internationally. All the courses are internationally recognized by the USA and UK along with Educational Board of Vocational Training under central government guidelines. 

This opportunity gives one better exposure and training in cosmetology and aesthetics by getting hands-on training on live models and Start-of-the-art technologies. All the courses at IAMCL are  designed to be covered in 360 degrees manner. 

Meaning all the students will have the opportunity to study all the aspects of their courses through virtual classroom Flexi-learning, live interactions with the faculties, physical classroom education, and hands-on training on live models.

All the students will be trained by the Industry experts including Dermatologists, Cosmetic Dermatologists, Medical LASER specialists, Plastic surgeons, and Gynecologists.

Hands-on practice in international markets is quite expensive, courses at IAMCL offer you the finest high standard training and hands-on over live models at economical prices.

Choose IAMCL and get skilled to be a successful entrepreneur or get your dream job in evolving upcoming Aesthetics and Clinical Cosmetology Industry.

September 13, 2023

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