certificate course in cosmetology

Certificate Courses in Cosmetology in India

certificate courses in cosmetology in india | IAMCL

People today place a lot of emphasis on techniques to beautify themselves, and this is because of the advent of social media and an increase in body consciousness. Additionally, procedures for skin augmentation are now a lot simpler and more practical thanks to technological breakthroughs. Furthermore, cosmetologists are among the numerous licensed experts who research and provide cosmetic procedures. Moreover, one can fresh start the professional career in the field of beauty and cosmetics and nurture their existing career if they are already working in the same industry by signing up for an advanced certificate courses in cosmetology in India. Furthermore, while pursuing this six-month course at IAMCL, one can excel in all three areas of cosmetology: beauty, hair, and makeup.

Why Choose Cosmetology for Career?

The demand for cosmetology is expected to rise in the upcoming years, making it one of the world’s fastest-growing and most lucrative sectors. Additionally, you must have unquestionable credentials and abilities to work in this field, which is why this advanced certificate courses in cosmetology in India was designed at IAMCL. Moreover, this course is meant to cover the most advanced parts of the topic to help you become an expert in it since it is intended for those with a basic understanding of cosmetology. Furthermore, reasons why should you choose this course are:

certificate course in cosmetology in india
certificate course in cosmetology in india

Why IAMCL's Certificate Courses in Cosmetology is One Of The Best Course In India ?

The advanced certificate courses in cosmetology in India is the perfect way to understand how to offer various beauty treatments to clients. Additionally, trainers at IAMCL will thoroughly guide you on how to carry out the treatments and methods to bring out the desired outcome, along with pro tips and tricks that will come in handy. Moreover, a few of the modules are dedicated to enlightening you on the effects of lifestyle and diet on the skin so that you can advise your clients based on them. Furthermore, by the time you complete this course, you will have a well-grounded knowledge of cosmetology to progress within the industry.

IAMCL is Accredited by the International Board of Cosmetic Dermatologist, London, United Kingdom (UK) and registered with Duns, Florida, United States (USA), and supports training programs and non-regulated, high-quality offering. Furthermore, this indicates that the institute is qualified and registered to guarantee that the training and the courses it provides adhere to strict quality standards. Additionally, although completing an advanced certificate courses in cosmetology in India by itself does not result in a regulated qualification, it may be used as proof of acquired knowledge and abilities.

Eligibility Criteria & Course Duration

To apply for a certificate courses in cosmetology in Rajasthan at IAMCL, candidates need to pass at least 10th (Secondary) at a recognized institution. Additionally, they should have a keen interest in the cosmetology sector. Moreover, the course duration stands at 6 months from the date of commencement.

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Skin and Chemical Peels
  • Indications and Contraindication of Peels
  • Mechanism of Action of Chemical Peels
    1. Interaction of Peel with Tissue
    2. Peels Acidic Behavior
    3. Importance of Neutralizing Solution
  • Types of Chemical Peels
    1. Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)
    2. Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA)
    3. Retinol Peel
    4. Trichloroacetic Acid Peel (TCA)
    5. Carbolic Acid /Phenol Peel
    6. Jessner’s Peel
    7. Combination Peels
    8. Insights about Superficial, Medium and Deep Peels
  • Procedure of Chemical Peel
    1. Cleansing
    2. Degreasing
    3. Application of Peels
    4. Neutralization
  • Aftercare of Chemical Peels
  • Combination of Chemical Peels with LASER and Other Aesthetic Modalities
  • HydraFacial
    1. Introduction
    2. Indications
    3. Steps to Use
    4. Combination
    5. Therapy
    6. Protocols
  • PhotoFacial
    1. Introduction
    2. Indications
    3. Steps to Use
    4. Combination
    5. Therapy
    6. Protocols
  • Carbon Facial
    1. Introduction
    2. Indications
    3. Steps to Use
    4. Combination 5.Therapy
    6. Protocols
  • Q switch Toning
    1. Introduction
    2. Indications
    3. Steps to Use
    4. Combination 5.Therapy
    6. Protocols
  • Fractional MnRF
    1. Introduction
    2. Indications
    3. Steps to Use
    4. Combination 5.Therapy
    6. Protocols
  • Introduction to Lasers
  • LASER Terminology and Parameters
  • Types of Lasers
  • Tissue Interaction of LASER
  • Chromophores or Targets of LASER
  • Science and Art of LASER operation
  • Recent Aesthetic Laser Treatment and Technologies across the Globe
  • Indications and Contraindications of LASER
  • LASER Hazards and Safety
  • Proper Counselling of LASER Patient
  • Ablative lasers
  • Non-Ablative Laser
  • Vascular Lasers
  • Q Switch Laser for Removal of Pigment & Tattoo
  • Hair Removal Lasers- Single, Double and Triple Wavelength
  • Therapy with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
  • Patient Preparation for LASER
  • Post LASER Care
  • How to Purchase LASER Equipment
  • Management of Complication of Light-Based Devices
  • Uses of LASER for Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Resurfacing
  • Recent Indications of LASERS for Antiaging
  • Combination of Lasers for Optimum Output
  • Combination of LASERS with Other Aesthetic Modalities
  • Introduction to Mesotherapy
  • Equipments and Machines used for Mesotherapy
    1. Derma Pen
    2. Nanopen
    3. Mesogun
    4. Mesoneedles
    5. No-Needle Mesotherapy
  • Meso Solutions/ Chemicals
  • Techniques of Mesotherapy
    1. Intra-Epidermal
    2. Papular
    3. Nappage
    4. Point-by- Point
  • Procedure and Aftercare
  • Combination of Mesotherapy with Other Aesthetic Procedures
  • Introduction
  • Platelet Anatomy and Physiology
  • Growth Factors in PRP and Importance in Rejuvenation and
  • Phlebotomy and Processing of PRP
  • Single spin & Double spin Centrifugation method
  • Creation and activation of PRP
  • Indications and contraindications of PRP
  • Techniques of PRP – Injection – Canula – Microneedling
  • Hair PRP and It’s Uses
  • Face PRP/ Vampire Facial for Facial Rejuvenation
  • PRP for Breast Augmentation
  • Combination of PRP with Other Aesthetic Modalities

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Frequently Asked Questions

The study of cosmetic procedures that enhances a person’s physical appearance is known as cosmetology. Moreover, PRP Therapy, Mesotherapy, Chemical Peels, LASER Therapy, Medical Facials, and other therapies are some of the well known and offered treatments. Additionally, to assist people in achieving their ideal look, cosmetology calls for an array of knowledge, abilities, and imagination. Furthermore, people occasionally lack the expertise necessary to keep up with evolving technologies. However, to suffice it, IAMCL is available to assist with certificate courses in cosmetology in India. Additionally, a course that has been designed using all relevant technological and commercial advancements.

With the evolution of the beauty industry, cosmetology has now become a vast field with several different types of treatments available. Additionally, the 3 main categories that holds all the treatments are:

  • Aesthetics/Beauty: Furthermore, the idea behind the aesthetic application of beauty methods is around anything that can be quickly done and is more contemporary in character.
  • Hair Care: Addditionally, Treatments and techniques revolving around hair care, styling and related root causes of the problems caused by health or environmental issues.
  • Makeup: Moreover, enhancing the beauty and remodeling the looks falls under the makeup category where existing physical appearance is intensified with necessary techniques.

To become a cosmetologist, one needs to complete a certified cosmetology course that includes both theoretical and practical training. Moreover, the program typically lasts six months, depending on the requirements. Additionally, after completing the certificate courses in cosmetology from any state, one needs to pass a licensing exam to become a licensed cosmetologist. Furthermore, one needs to have excellent communication skills and the ability to work well with people.

Cosmetology provides several job opportunities to individuals interested in the beauty industry. Moreover, some of the most popular job opportunities in cosmetology include:

  • Beauty Consultant
  • Skin Specialist
  • Cosmetologist
  • Cosmetology Instructor
  • Aesthetician, etc.

Cosmetology offers a wide range of treatments, but some of the most popular treatments include:

  • PRP Therapy: Additionally, PRP is an injectable cosmetic procedure that makes use of the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma. Furthermore, it increases the body’s normal synthesis of collagen and elastin when infused back into the skin to achieve total skin rejuvenation.
  • Mesotherapy: Additionally, a less invasive procedure using superficial microinjections is called mesotherapy. Moreover, the stimulation of the mesoderm results in the renewal of the hair follicles and scalp.
  • Chemical Peels: Scars, discolored skin, and wrinkles are all often treated with chemical peels on the face. Additionally, they can be carried out independently or with other cosmetic procedures.
  • LASER Therapy: Moreover, in order to treat a number of cosmetic issues, including pigmentation, acne scars, age spots, fine lines, and other common skin issues, LASER cosmetology is frequently employed.
  • Medical Facials: In addition, Cosmetologists employ pharmaceutical-grade chemicals to treat skin problems including acne, scars, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin-related issues.

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